I’ve lost control of my life, because of this movie. Quick sketch before bed.

Mako sketch. I had a plan but I forgot where I wanted to take this, so I’m just going to make a different one. :c

Sketch on the back of a receipt, about a half-hour color skit on photoshop. And then it turned out to be one of my favorite things I’ve drawn, go figure.

You’re nine years old.

You tripped while you were running with your father, and your leg was hurt bad enough that he carried you up like you were five years old again. He told you to close your eyes, but you couldn’t; you watched as buildings you’ve known your entire short life crumbled to dust, and you thought, what about my school? What about our house? Your father’s shoulder digs into your chest with his every movement that you’re more aware of your ribs now that you’ve ever been.

You board a helicopter, then you land on a battleship.

You can’t find your mother.

Later, with the words nuclear bomb and Sydney ringing in your ears from the news broadcast set up within the ship, you find your father crying.

You stop looking for her.

You turn ten, three days later.

I’m a nincompoop who can’t use tumblr, but have a Mako sketch anyway.

I am actually alive. Anyway, many things happened these past months and I basically got into watching WWE p much on a twice-weekly basis.

…I really like Dean Ambrose. TL;DR I sketched something and somehow it ended up looking like Dean if he wore superhero-ish gear?


Long time no see, tumblr. anyway I’ve been watching a lot of tv, and yes, I’ve gotten into Teen Wolf.

SURPRISINGLY Stiles isn’t my actual favorite from the show, but he’s a damn close second.

ps: dylan o’brien’s nose is the bane of my existence, jsyk.

Commissioned art for a friend; Tony, Steve and Thor in a battle-ish pose. One of these days I’ll draw a background too.

GUYS TELL ME IF IT’S MAY 4TH ALREADY so I can spaz about the movie at you. ;A;!

I don’t understand how colors work ;A;